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Music Is Life is an non profit organization dedicated to providing music education throughout the world. We offer arts and business education for young adults and creatives of all ages. All music curriculum for Music Is Life piano classes is aligned carefully with North Carolina Department Of Public Instruction XIV organization music standards K-12th Grade. 

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How music helps!

Benefits of music

Music training helps to develop reasoning and language.
Music is as a mastery of memorization tool for kids to learn.
Music education increases hand eye coordination.
Music gives students a sense of achievement.
Music helps with intellectual development.
Music students tend to cope more with anxiety which acts as a form of music therapy.
Music students perform higher on test scores.


Each level includes a broad selection of pieces representing a variety of styles and periods.
Repertoire selections are leveled progressively in difficulty.
Periodic reviews of the repertoire keep the selections fresh and innovative.
Teachers and students can add favorite pieces through various selections technique.
Each level of technique is designed to support the demands of the repertoire for that level.
Lesson plans includes note value, notation, grand staff composition, scales, chords, arpeggios, patterns, and simple rhythm.

We love what we do!

We develop inquiring minds that enables each student to engage with exposure to music education, and become effective cultural leaders in society

What People Say!

HIGHLY recommended!!!! I have 3 BOYS and they are in LOVE with their piano classes! Ms.Nita connected with them and turned their views around. My older 2 of course side eyed me when I wanted them to start and now they cant wait for class! They love it and have grown so much! I have definitely seen improvement in them focusing as well!!

– martha m

Nita is excellent and has motivated my little one to practice on her own and look forward to lessons with eager anticipation. Nita has given my daughter joy and confidence in piano and music theory, and with her unique background in music education and her ability to connect with kids — she really is the full package! I recommend Nita highly.

– Shruti T

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